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Work continues on major community infrastructure projects

Council crews face a busy fortnight with work on a number of major council projects continuing.

Barter Street: Crews are in the process of removing and rebuilding kerb and channel driveways, reasphalting the road surface, line marking and building a new concrete pathway.

Tin Can Bay esplanade: This week, council staff will commence work at the Tin Can Bay esplanade. This project involves removing the existing timber pedestrian bridges and replacing them with three pedestrian bridges in conjunction with concrete pathway link ups.

Bus bay on Moy Pocket Road: Council will install a school bus bay along Moy Pocket Road, Moy Pocket.

Power Road pathway: Work continues on the construction of a concrete pathway from Katrina Court, along Power Road, to Woolgar Road, Southside.

River to Rail Trail: Crews are continuing to construct a concrete pathway near One Mile Oval as part of stage three of the River to Rail Trail project. This fortnight’s work involves excavating the footpath and constructing a concrete pathway along Brisbane Road as well as building timber stairs and a concrete pathway linking to the new bridge at Deep Creek.

A number of priority road maintenance activities will also be carried out this week with 35 of the region’s roads set to receive attention.

Work on Doyle’s Bridge in the Mary Valley is scheduled for completion.

Eleven of the region’s roads, including Thornside Road, Phillips Road, Upper Thornside Road, O’Donnell Road, McCarthy Road, Groggy Road, Verne Road, Sandy Creek Road, Randwick Road, Amamoor Creek Road and Rainbow Beach Road will be graded.

Crust Road, Clyde Road, Kwalt Road and Fitzpatrick Road are set for gravel re-sheeting.

Asphalt works will occur on Groundwater Road, Spring Road, Jane Street, Rainbow Beach Road, Corbet road and Elizabeth Street.

General maintenance work on Kilcoy Murgon Road, Range Road, Kiabora Drive, Upper Thornside Road, Tooth Drive, Scott Road, Rossmore Road, Miva Road, Glastonbury Creek Road, Gympie- Woolooga Road, Kin Kin Road, Bath Road, Tin Can Bay Road and Hay Road is scheduled over the next two weeks.

Traffic control is in place for many of the listed activities. Please drive to the conditions.

Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 12th February 2020 Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 12th February 2020

The old saying that ‘a week is a long time in politics’ was particularly true again at the federal level this week. Those issues aside, the Gympie region, like all others across the state, is gearing up for our local elections.  

These elections give the wider community the opportunity and democratic right to select the candidate that they wish to have a leadership role in the management of their community for the next four years.  

I would urge all residents to do their research on all candidates and get to know who they will be casting their vote for as the election date of 28 March fast approaches.  
I would also urge residents to heed another old saying; ‘actions speak louder than words’.  

Representing your constituents and the wider community as a duly elected councillor, in my opinion, is one of the greatest honours that could be bestowed upon an individual, however it is certainly not a popularity contest and nor should it be.  

Difficult decisions need to be made which will draw the ire of some while benefitting the majority.  You will be subjected to much more scrutiny and gossip than your family and friends will ever be.  
You will be required to adhere to stringent laws, policies and procedures which you may not have been required to previously.  But on the upside, you will represent your community and have a say and a role in delivering community services, projects and infrastructure for the benefit of the wider community and the region.  
Current councillors, over this term of council, should be proud of their contributions.  

I wish each and every resident who nominates to lead this community at the forth coming elections, all the very best. 

Mayor Mick Curran 

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