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Work Commences On Goomeri Pool

This week, Gympie Regional Council will continue work on the Goomeri pool to rectify the ongoing issues before summer.

Electrical specialists are currently carrying out work on the facility’s electrical systems while work to remove the old pool surface lining in preparation for resurfacing of the main pool floor and wall and the toddlers pool floor will commence next week, weather permitting.

“I am aware there are many in the Goomeri community who want to see this facility operational as soon as possible,” said Cr Hilary Smerdon.

“I can say we are working at rectifying the issues which led to the facilities closure.

“These are not straightforward fixes, particularly in relation to the electrical elements, but we are hopeful of re-opening the pool before the summer swimming season,” Cr Smerdon said.

Once these repairs are carried out, Council will refill the pool to test the filtration system.

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A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 25 November 2020 A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 25 November 2020

This week, myself and councillors hosted Alan MacSporran QC. 

Mr MacSporran is the chair of the Crime and Corruption Commission and was in town to speak with Councillors and myself to a range of topics. 

The CCC are not just an enforcement body.

They perform a range of functions which assist in the regulation of local governments.

But, local government, by its very nature can only function in conjunction with community. This partnership is a marriage or sorts. 

While Council and the community may not always see eye-to-eye, at the end of the day council is there to support our residents. 

However, Council relies on many individuals, groups, organisations and services in order to deliver what we need to. 

And although our core business is roads, rates, rubbish and water, this doesn’t mean we should exclude work that involves, engages and captures the community spirit we possess here in spades.   

For example, Council will soon be asking you to assist us with our waste management planning.  

Council is forming a reference group to help plan for the future of our waste facilities. Examples like this show how residents can have direct input into the direction of council.  

Council also works closely with emergency services in planning for, during and recovering from natural disasters and works in conjunction with tourism bodies and representatives from a host of industries. The partnerships are under the mandate of helping this region prosper. 

Mayor Glen Hartwig


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