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Stopping Time: Major exhibition now on show

Come on in to the Gympie Regional Gallery and check out their latest major exhibition titled Stopping Time: Material prints from 3000BCE to Now, on display now until 16 November.

Brisbane-based artist Ali Bezer said visitors can expect to see the diversity of processes and creative content expressible through printed media.

“They will be able to experience both historical and contemporary prints that have been juxtaposed together in non-chronological order within the gallery spaces.”

“While it is not unusual to compare artworks from different periods of time on computer screens, it is strange and rewarding to make such comparisons in the flesh by exploring the exhibition in the gallery. “

“For instance, visitors will have the chance to physically observe and compare ancient cylinder seals adjacent to contemporary 3D printed objects. “

“A major highlight for visitors will be the opportunity to encounter works of art that are normally not on display to the public (being from either gallery and private collections, or being rare light sensitive artefacts, or experiencing site specific installations).

I think that another highlight will be observing the diverse, experimental and unexpected use of materials that print-making artists have worked with.”

“This includes the use of new technologies such as 3D printing, or the use of unusual matrixes created from found objects. It is also apparent that artists experimented with an array of different surfaces other than conventional paper to create interesting visual effects and develop metaphoric substance through materials such as vinyl, plastic and foil,” she said.

This exhibition is being presented in partnership with Griffith University and Newcastle Art Gallery.

Entry to the Gympie Regional Gallery at 39 Nash Street is free, with opening hours from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday.

For more information, or to make bookings for workshops and themed activities, visit or call 5481 0733.

Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 10th December 2019 Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 10th December 2019

Any sportsperson will tell you that generally the game, whatever the game, is not won or lost in the first five minutes; and planning for our future as a region is no different.

The announcement of the construction of the Bruce Highway upgrade next year is one such opportunity, with over 500 workers engaged with the project until 2025.  2017 seems a long time ago when I travelled to Canberra with my fellow Wide Bay Burnett mayors to support our federal member for this transformational project. Transport and Main Roads is also urging, as do I, local businesses to register with them to supply services.  It means that Gympie businesses will benefit and there will be opportunities for local employment. 

I am pleased to see the state government have announced that they will formally tend for the 2032 Olympics to come to South East Queensland and I have already met and spoken to our Premier regarding the opportunities our region can offer.  

The Wide Bay Burnett Council of Mayors, with myself as chair, have commenced advocating for another transformational project; the fast train between Brisbane and Bundaberg, which could also be transformational for our region.  

We also have a fantastic opportunity to review the Wide Bay Regional Plan which could see expansion and changed land use management right across our region; changes that will encourage sustainable development and opportunities with strong links to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.  As a region, we have seen our economy grow over the last five years, but we can always do more.

I must also thank Minister Mark Furner, Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry for declaring drought status for our region.  While this will provide some relief for our primary producers, nothing short of good rainfall right across our region will break the dreadful drought we are experiencing.  If you are a person of faith, prayers for rain certainly won’t do any harm.  

Mayor Mick Curran 

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