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Maintenance and Construction Activities Keep Crews Busy

Gympie Regional Council construction and road maintenance crews have a busy two weeks on the cards as they work on the following construction projects and road maintenance activities.

Investigator Avenue, Cooloola Cove.
Cooloola Coast Pathway Phase 1.
Cavanagh Road – Seal Gravel Road and dust suppression.
Our Towns – Rainbow Beach.
Irvine Road - Seal Gravel Road.

Road Maintenance
Meddleton Road, Amamoor - Asphalt repairs.
Kandanga Creek Road, Kandanga - Asphalt repairs.
Ironstone Creek Road, Tuchekoi - Asphalt repairs.
Lowe Road, Bollier - Asphalt repairs.
Burnett Highway, various - Asphalt repairs.
North Deep Creek Road, North Deep Creek - Gravel re-sheeting.
Woondum Road, Woondum - Maintenance grading.
Reinke Road, Glastonbury - Maintenance grading.
Manumbar Road, Manumbar - Culvert and drainage repairs.
West Coast Road, Kilkivan - Drainage and culvert repairs.
Smith Road, Monkland - Stormwater repairs.
Mary Street, Gympie – Paver and tree surround repairs.
Bombala Crescent, Rainbow Beach – Stormwater pit repairs.
Eel Creek Road, Pie Creek – Linemarking.
Rocks and Megan Road intersection, Pie Creek – Linemarking.
Rocks and Herron Road intersection, Pie creek – Linemarking.
Cedar Pocket Road, Cedar Pocket – Linemarking.
Kinbombi Road, Kinbombi – Drainage repairs.
Manyung Road, Manyung – Drainage repairs.
Nash Road, Tamaree – Drainage repairs.
Delray Road, Mothar Mountain - Drainage repairs.
Beenham Valley Road, Beenham Valley - Drainage repairs.
Goodyear Road, Cedar Pocket - Drainage repairs.
Miva Road, Miva - Shoulder repairs.
Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach - Shoulder repairs.
Gympie Woolooga Road, Woolooga - Shoulder repairs.
Burnett Highway, Goomeri - Culvert repairs.
Kin Road, Wolvi - Culvert repairs.
Calumet Road, Goomboorian - Gravel patching.
Dixon Road, Kia Ora - Gravel patching.
Hill Road, Mothar Mountain - Gravel patching.
Ross Road, Goomboorian - Gravel patching.
McIntosh Creek Road, Calico Creek - Gravel patching.
Mullins Creek Road, Goomboorian - Gravel patching.
Window Road, Canina - Gravel patching.
Scrub Road, Tandur - Gravel patching.
Sunshine Road, Wolvi - Gravel patching.
Johnson Road, Kia Ora - Gravel patching. 

A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 2 December 2020 A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Our Christmas tree in Nelson Reserve has a chequered history to say the least, and although it’s not the poor tree’s fault, it is an example of where Council did not get it right and the community have ultimately paid the price.
There’s no doubt residents want to see the region sparkling for Christmas and Council would like that too. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been an option for this Council to complete and decorate the Christmas tree in Nelson Reserve, however all that has changed. 

What warms the heart is our community, driven by amazing people who step up to support the region and residents because they just want what is right.  
On Monday night, Groves Electrical, Energex, and our community came together and donated their time to deliver and decorate the Christmas tree because they wanted to make a difference. This was not driven by Council; this was driven by local businesses who wanted to give back to the community. 

On behalf of Council, thank you to the teams at Groves Electrical and Energex. Without you, we wouldn’t have a decorated tree. What a great bunch of people. And it’s not too late to donate. Simply take your home made decoration to the Gympie Library before Monday the 7th.

Council is also working with the Chamber of Commerce in Gympie to return the annual ‘Mary Christmas’ nights to Mary Street. COVID-19 has changed our lives, and has certainly impacted nights like these.

However, the chamber and Council are driven to deliver a night for families to come out and celebrate all we have to offer. Mary Street is something this community has that can’t be replicated, and on a summer’s night, there’s no better place to be. It may look a little different to past years thanks to Coronavirus, but the result is the same - a great night out to catch up with family and friends, do some shopping and grab a bite to eat. 

Both nights (Wednesday 16 and 23 December) start at 5pm. Head to the council website or Facebook page to find out more. Just remember to social distance and keep each other safe. I’ll see you there! 

Mayor Glen Hartwig


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