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Gympie Regional Council To Live Stream Special Meeting On Council Facebook Page

Gympie Regional Council will live stream the Council Special Meeting at 9am on Tuesday 24 March 2020 on the Council Facebook page for residents and the community as numbers will be restricted due to new social distancing rules, handed down by the federal government.

The Council Special Meeting called by Mayor Curran is to consider the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the region.

Due to the social distancing rules, numbers of attendees will be highly reduced and limited to councillors, limited local media and critical council staff.

"We really encourage community members who wish to listen to the discussion of councillors to not attend as unfortunately we will not have seats available, and we do not wish to have to send people away. However, the reality is, due to the social distancing rules, we will have no choice.”

To ensure that the public can listen and understand the councillors’ discussion and any decisions made, we will live stream to our Facebook page.” explained Gympie Regional Council CEO Bernard Smith.

Councillors, council staff and media seating arrangements will also be moved to ensure social distancing is upheld.

The live steam will be on Gympie Regional Council’s Facebook page from 9am until completion.

A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 23 September 2020 A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 23 September 2020

I have the privilege of travelling the region and seeing just how wonderful it is. This was reaffirmed this week when I had the honour of welcoming around 30 new citizens to our region and country.

I was moved by the endless stories of how people had visited this area, fell in love with its beauty and people, and decided to move states or countries to live here.

We, as residents, know how good our region is and although we have sometimes been the butt of ill-informed jokes, the rest of the country is starting to understand just what we all know.

It has been my personal experience that the greatest asset this region is its people. Warm, caring, concerned about our future and invested in the stable growth and direction of the whole area, but most importantly concerned about each other. In these times, that is the most valuable commodity for any community and something that cannot be fabricated; you either have it or you don’t, and we have it.

I often have the pleasure of showing this region to visitors, family and friends. The common statement that I hear is, “You can feel the community here, you can tell people really care.”  

This region may have been spoken of in ways that were not positive in the past but it’s time we spoke of this region in a way that we have known it to be for years.

This is the best region to live - whether it’s the bush and countryside of the west, the surf and sand of the east, or the food and forest of the Mary Valley - there is something for everyone. We have the best of everything, but most importantly we have the best people.

As we all go about our daily lives, let us do it with pride in our region. We are not the poor country cousins; we are a vibrant, caring community that is a great place to live, work and enjoy the best that life has to offer.  

This region is the best region to live in. Let’s walk with pride.

Mayor Glen Hartwig