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Council Monitoring Amamoor Creek

Gympie region Mayor Glen Hartwig is urging the residents of Amamoor, in the Mary Valley, to continue monitoring their water usage after Council increased the township’s water restrictions to Level 5 yesterday.

In Amamoor, Level 5 restrictions mean residents need to limit their water consumption to 120L per person, per day.

“There is no risk to the town’s water supply,” Mayor Hartwig said today.
“Council is monitoring the level of Amamoor Creek which is a vital water source for the residents of Amamoor and is used for water treatment and reticulation.

“We will be tankering in water, at least for the short term, until we can reach a more permanent solution.

“This situation is the result of some very dry weather of recent times.
“Residents of Amamoor are doing a fantastic job monitoring their water usage and I want to congratulate them for that.

“I want to encourage all Amamoor residents who are connected to town water to continue their vigilant monitoring.

“This event is exclusively due to a lack of rain and we will need to conserve water until we receive some solid wet weather,” Mayor Hartwig said.
The low water levels in Amamoor Creek were identified as part of a wider, regional water monitoring program.

For more information on water restrictions in the Gympie region, head to

A message from Councillor Warren Polley - Wednesday, 21 October 2020 A message from Councillor Warren Polley - Wednesday, 21 October 2020

What’s your reason?

The tagline – a natural place to live, work and play – is a common one throughout regional councils across the country. Clearly, all councils want the same things for their region in terms of prosperity and lifestyle, so why should a potential new resident choose one region over all the other regions who are offering similar dreams and prospects?  These reasons are as many and varied as the individuals who hold to them. 

At the recent Chamber of Commerce breakfast, we had high school students who’s priority was around educational options – they are in the early stages of their pathway in life. They were motivated to ‘live’.  The young families just wanted a stable job. They were motivated to ‘work’. Then one stately gentleman, who was clearly in the later leg of his life’s pathway, declared that all people wanted was a peaceful community. He just wanted to relax and ‘play’ and enjoy the fruits of his labour.  Each one of these is right and all are worthy motivations.   

During the week, I met residents from Widgee who had moved onto a 50 acre lot from down south and are loving the fact that they can’t see any neighbours. But they are quite incensed that there are now tradies running up and down the road because, it seems, other people have discovered the same idyllic lifestyle as them and they’re moving in next door.

I have met numerous other people who stated quite simply, “We were driving along and turned off the highway at KFC, fell in love with the place, went back home, sold up and moved to Gympie”. 

In the comments below tell us your story. What brought you here?  What keeps you here?

Cr Warren Polley