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Gympie Regional Council and COVID-19

Gympie Regional Council is monitoring developments relating to Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) daily and assessing any potential impact on council services and events.

No core services at this stage have been impacted and we aim to maintain our current level of service to residents and businesses during this period. Should this change, we will notify residents immediately.

We take advice on all public health matters from the state and federal health departments.

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Contact council:

Phone - 1300 307 800

Email - council@gympie.qld.gov.au

Fax - (07) 5481 0801

Postal address - PO Box 155, Gympie, QLD 4570


Media Releases:

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Gympie Regional Council closely monitoring Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) - 17/03/2020


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Council crews dig deep in lead up to Christmas

Gympie Regional Council construction crews are set to complete a number of large projects in the lead up to Christmas.  

Tomorrow, Tuesday 3 December, Wadell Road will be closed for widening works. This project also involves building new storm water drainage and is aimed to be complete by February 2020.   

Mary Street in Amamoor will also be closed tomorrow, as construction crews build new stormwater pipes and drainage pits. It is estimated this project will be completed by Christmas.    

Road widening and pavement building will continue on Feros Road, Mothar Mountain this fortnight.  

Earthworks for this project are in progress and it is estimated these works will be complete by 6 December. 

The Power Road pathway project is also continuing this fortnight with the construction of a concrete pathway from Katrina Court to Woolgar Road as is the pathway project along Oak Street. It is estimated this project will be finished by 20 December.   

Please see below for the list of the region’s roads set to receive maintenance work this fortnight. 

Grading: Albrecht Road, Melbern Road, Breakneck Road, Anderson Street, Tincknell Road, Window Road, Schollick Road, Bymount Road, Beaumark Road, Hall Street, Harwood Road and Kin Kin Road.  

Shoulder grading: Widgee Crossing Road, Harvey Siding Road, Rammutt Road, Benian Road, Deans Road. 

Asphalt repairs: Burnett Highway, Wide Bay Highway, Bruce Highway and Rose Street. 

Verge repairs: Parson’s Road Service Road. 

Stormwater repairs: Panda Street, Pine Street, St Andrews Crescent, Jaycee Way, Thomas Street and Jane Street.  

Footpath repairs: Tozer Street.   

Drainage repairs: Noosa Road, Jackson Road and Rossmore Road.  

Unsealed road repairs: Williams Road.  

Culvert repairs: Cinnabar Road. 

A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 03 June 2020 A message from Mayor Glen Hartwig - Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Late last week, we released our Financial Management Review report to the media and our residents as we want our community to know exactly what our position is and the challenges we face. The report is an independent review of how we have historically managed our finances and, most importantly, how we can improve.

The good news is we can only improve, and for those of you who have read the report, there will many who are not surprised. If you haven’t read the report, you can find it on the Council website homepage, and I encourage you to have a look.

Financially we are not in a good position, and we won’t be in a good financial position for years to come. We will turn this around, but it will take time, a lot of work and some very hard decisions from both Councillors and staff.

We need to deal with the hand we’ve been given, which means that this Council is looking at all options on how we cut our spending, while at the same time increasing our commitment to our core services – our residents deserve to drive on decent roads.

So how do we do this? By looking at every program, service and project and ask ourselves, do we need to do this now; is it value for money; will it support local employment; and will this have direct benefit for our residents? If the answer is no, then you may see projects postponed or cancelled as we need to live within our means.

This is what we’re dealing with and in four years’ time, the community can judge whether we have addressed the priority areas that we know the community need. We may make mistakes, and if we do, we need to tell people.

Mayor Glen Hartwig