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Christmas Tree Settling into Nelson Reserve

The Hoop Pine Christmas tree is settling in at Nelson Reserve and is being well cared for as we count down the days until Christmas. 

The lights, as voted for by the community, have arrived, however the building of the structure which surrounds the tree and supports the lights will not be ready in time for Christmas this year.

Due to the amount and weight of the lights, they cannot be placed directly on the tree as it settles into its new home and council needs to ensure the tree is healthy to serve the community for many years to come. 

As a short-term solution for the 2019 Christmas season, Council has purchased lightweight bud lights which will be placed on the tree. These lights were going to be used to update the 5 ways Christmas tree, however they will shine bright at Nelson Reserve this year.  

Gympie Regional Council will have the tree sparkling just a little differently this year for the community and families to enjoy. The scheduled lighting of the tree event will also be postponed to December 2020 and will coincide with the launch of the new lighting system. 

Council Elves will be out and about this week to begin decorating both the CBD and Nelson Reserve Christmas trees. 

Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 4th December 2019 Mayor's Column - Wednesday, 4th December 2019

One of the challenges facing many regional communities right across Queensland and, for that matter, Australia is growing the local and regional economy. 
The  Gympie region is no exception.  
At Gympie Regional Council’s last ordinary meeting, Councillors adopted this region’s Economic Development and Investment Strategy 2020-2025.  
This strategy is vitally important for our region and will shape where we, as a community, need to focus our collective energies to enable  opportunities for economic growth. 
Of course the benefits of having a strong economy is the ability to build regional wealth, which in turn will create job opportunities for our residents.  
We need to build upon our strengths and work closely with existing long term local businesses as well as enabling opportunities for new business and investment into the region. 
The strategy is currently open for feedback from the community and I hope the wider community and the 4,400 businesses registered in the region to have a say on the content of the strategy.
Growth must be well planned.  
On that note, I was very pleased to join my fellow Wide Bay Burnett (WBB) Mayors in Brisbane last week, where Minister Cameron Dick, chaired the first meeting of the WBB Regional Plan Review. 
It was made abundantly clear that the emphasis would be on supporting economic growth by unlocking and promoting opportunities for both new and existing business, to address both constraints but also opportunities for both existing and emerging industries.  
The review will ensure opportunities for growth are promoted while of course taking into consideration efficient urban development whilst meeting necessary infrastructure in a cost effective manner whilst balancing environmental considerations.  
And talking about our economy, don’t forget to shop local this Christmas wherever possible to support our local traders. 

Mayor Mick Curran 

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