Heritage Art Competition 2018

The annual Gympie Regional Council Heritage Art Competition is held in conjunction with the Gympie Rural Show.  

In 2018, the theme of the competition is 'My Culture, My Story' as set by the Australian Heritage Festival. 

The competition will be held at the annual Gympie District Show on 17-19 May 2018, and paintings will be on display at the Gympie Regional Gallery from 23 May to 16 June, 2018.


2017 winners - 'The G150 Nugget: People, Places and Events'


1st PRIZE ($1000)
Meaghan Shelton

Great design work, original concepts encompassing many ideas. A creative kaleidoscope. 
2nd PRIZE ($350)
Sherrie Rowan

A masterful impressionist depiction capturing the historical presence of all the characters with line and colour. Beautiful work. 

3rd PRIZE ($150)
Jaine Jackson

A great depiction of this historical icon. It was well thought out and presented. Read all about it. Great piece.

Highly Commended:

  • Tess Stuart 
  • K Johnston 
  • Kerrie Atkins 

1st Prize ($150) Sophie Roff  
2nd Prize ($100) Teal Burraston  
3rd Prize ($50) Sarah Lynch
Highly Commended:
  • Keesha Tomkins
  • Drew Sjodin-Wall
  • Brook Daniels
1st Prize ($100) Mia Brown
2nd Prize ($60) Imogen Otswald
3rd Prize ($40) Georgia Meaker
Highly Commended: 
  • Madeline Hill
  • Jorja Campbell
  • Rebecca Dean
  • Ellie Jones
  • Saylor Swan
  • Sienna Pearson
  • Keenan Sheridan
  • Marley Chandler
  • Jack Richardson