Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme

The Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme was adopted at Council's Special General Meeting held on Wednesday, 12 June 2013 and commenced on Monday, 1 July 2013.

A number of amendments have been made to the Planning Scheme since its commencement, creating superseded and historic Planning Schemes. For details refer to 'Related Information' below.

The most recent amendments to the Planning Scheme commenced on 23 November 2017 to create the Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme 2013 version 2.0.

The Planning Scheme is a living document which sets out the Gympie Regional Council's intention for the future development in the Planning Scheme Area, over the next 20 years.

The Planning Scheme applies to the entire Gympie region, including all premises, roads, internal waterways and local government tidal areas.


Planning Scheme Maps

The Planning Scheme maps form part of the Planning Scheme and set out the Strategic Plan, zoning, overlays and advisory mapping and Local Government Infrastructure Plan maps.


Planning Scheme Amendments

The process of amending a Planning Scheme is a normal and necessary part of maintaining the integrity of Council"s planning framework and something that most local governments undertake periodically. This process seeks to improve the clarity of planning policy and operation of the Planning Scheme in guiding good development outcomes, as well as responding to changing community needs. To find out more about amendments that are currently proposed to the Planning Scheme, including the latest Bushfire Hazard Mapping proposed amendments, click here

Cooloola Coast Minimum Floor Levels

At the Council Ordinary meeting on 13 June 2012, Gympie Regional Council resolved to adopt minimum floor levels be set at 2.8m AHD at Tin Can Bay, 3.0m AHD at Cooloola Cove, and 2.8m AHD at Rainbow Beach (excluding Rainbow Shores). These adopted floor levels are stated on the Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme 2013 Storm Surge Advisory Maps. 


Local Government Infrastructure Plan Extrinsic Material

The Local Government Infrastructure Plan's (LGIP) extrinsic material documents supporting information and the methodology Council used to prepare the LGIP, including specifics for each trunk infrastructure network. A schedule of works model, identifying the trunk infrastructure that is required to be delivered across the region till 2013, has been prepared by Council as part of the preparation of the Local Government Infrastructure Plan. The schedule of works model can be found here:

The Local Government Infrastructure Plan extrinsic material is available for inspection and purchase at Council’s Planning and Development Directorate located at 29 Channon Street, Gympie during normal office hours.

Adopted Resolutions

Adopted Resolutions that accompany the Planning Scheme include the Amenity and Aesthetics Resolution and the Infrastructure Charges Resolution.

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