Green waste disposal

As much as possible, Gympie Regional Council encourages residents to reuse their green waste on their properties for landscaping.

If you have more green waste than you can use on your property, council supports the free drop-off of grass clippings and smaller-sized green waste at any of its waste management facilities

If you are dropping off green waste (vegetation) please ensure that it is separated and placed on the designated green waste stockpile. Please keep in mindthat branches and other trimmings must be a maximum of 500mm diameter and 4m long

please ensure that your green waste must be contaminant-free as it will be shredded for beneficial reuse. that includes no rubbish or recyclables, timber products, fencing wire, pot plants, gyprock or fibre cement sheeting.

Oversized green waste (such as stumps, root balls) exceeding 500mm in width must be placed in a separate area near the green waste stockpile. Charges apply for oversized green waste because it requires additional processing. 

Charges apply.

Council does not accept bulk quantities of green waste at our waste management facilities (e.g. multiple large loads from developments or block-clearing). In these circumstances, council encourages:

  • on-site shredding by a green waste shredding company (to be reused onsite for landscaping/erosion control)
  • removal to another site (operated by a green waste shredding company or firewood business)


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