Exhibition guidelines

The gallery aims to present quality exhibitions of local, regional, state, and national content. The exhibitions will be selected following set criteria by a selection committee, to cover a wide range of media and conceptual development in a balanced program over a three to five year period.

In essence, the gallery is a public gallery that is very community orientated and celebrates its own professional and amateur artists whilst introducing to the community a reasonable range of high quality shows from elsewhere in Australia. It is a people participation place, developing ongoing partnerships with local and regional groups, focusing on environmental, social, economic, educational and heritage issues.

Policy guidelines

All exhibition spaces will support a variety of different types of exhibitions, depending on availability, special requirement and size.

The gallery aims to have at least one local/regional artist exhibition on display at anyone time, which could be in any of the three spaces. This could range from emerging to significant regional professional artists. All spaces have their own particular merits.

All spaces could cater for:

  • curated or themed exhibitions;
  • thought provoking exhibitions with high educational content;
  • significant community celebrations;
  • solo or group exhibitions by artists, craftspeople and organisations;
  • museum and social history exhibitions;
  • community exhibitions or partnerships;
  • performance and suitable special functions, providing they will not interfere with pre-existing exhibitions in any physical way;
  • exhibitions nominated at the discretion of the coordinator for special purposes or in the event of a cancellation;
  • developmental work.

Gallery spaces

The Gympie Times Exhibition Space and Hugo Du Rietz Gallery – (upstairs)

Gives preference to major touring exhibitions from inter state, intra state and national organisations, or exhibitions of high quality from professional artists. Though there will be times when these can be used for regional or community exhibitions, it will depend on the availability. On the odd occasion where an exhibition may fall beyond this definition, at the discretion of the Gallery Coordinator a fee similar to Gallery Three will apply. The large room can be divided into two rooms for flexibility. These spaces have humidity-controlled air conditioning.

Gallery Three

Can also be divided into two spaces, and will also sometimes accommodate touring exhibitions. This is the most flexible space, due to its size and availability, and will predominantly show local emerging art. This enables the exhibiting artist/group to experience all the professional processes involved with exhibiting. Preference will be given to Gympie Region residents. This space is air conditioned, but not humidity controlled.

Artists may not submit another solo exhibition for at least two years in any of the galleries, other than at the discretion of the Selection Committee.


Foyer Spaces will sometimes be able to accommodate artworks at the discretion of the Gallery Coordinator. This could be an overflow area for other exhibition spaces or for mini displays or special promotional displays.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room may also display artwork from time to time at the discretion of the Gallery Coordinator.

Gallery Five

Gallery Five is the smallest of the gallery spaces.

Exhibition applications

Thinking of exhibiting at the Gallery? Call into The Art Gallery to pick up an exhibition program handbook


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