Food Business Licences

Food safety is an important issue to the community. Food businesses are required to ensure that they handle, store, display and sell food in a safe manner. An important part of providing safe food is licensing. 

Council is responsible for licensing certain food premises in accordance with the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards set out in Chapter 3 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. 

The main purpose of the Food Act 2006 is to ensure food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption. The Food Safety Standards set out the specific requirements for the food businesses and food handlers that, if complied with, will ensure food does not become unsafe or unsuitable. The standards also set out minimum requirements for suitable construction, maintenance and operation of a food premises. 

A food business is any business or activity that involves the handling of any type of food for sale, or the sale of food in Australia. 

The Food Act 2006 requires Council to monitor the standard of operations in fixed, mobile and temporary food premises. This monitoring is achieved through licensing and inspections of particular food businesses. Compliance with the Act will assist you in providing safe food for your customers.

Other agencies responsible for monitoring and enforcing food safety in Queensland are Queensland Health and Safe Food Queensland. 


Who needs a Food Business Licence?

Click here to find out more information.


Applying for a Food Business Licence

Click here for information to ensure your application is complete and that you have considered everything required for submission of an application.


Approvals needed to establish a food business

Establishing a food business premises whether in a new or existing building requires compliance with a number of separate Acts which may be applicable when planning, designing and constructing or altering the building involved. Click here to find out more information.


Food Business Licence renewals

Food Business Licences expire on 30 September every year and may be renewed.  An application for renewal of Food Business Licence will be issued to licensees at least 60 days prior to expiry of the licence. Click here to find out more information.


Buying or taking over an existing licensed business

If you are planning to take over an existing food business, you will need to determine whether the business holds a current Food Business Licence and the current status of the premises. Click  here to find out more information.


Renovating or making changes to an existing licensed business

If you intend to renovate or refurbish an existing premise, you may be required to make an application for Amendment of Food Business Licence and submit to Council with the relevant fee and required information. Click here to find out more information.


Food safety program

Click here to see if you are required to have an Accredited Food Safety Program.


Food safety supervisors

All licensed food businesses are required to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). A FSS is required to take a lead role in supervising food safety in the food business. Click here to find out more information.


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