Food and agribusiness

Food and agribusiness

Famous for its discovery of gold in 1865, today the Gympie region is better known for the 'gold' produced above the ground.

Gympie Gold Regional Produce is the premier site for all things related to food in the Gympie region. It is all about showcasing and promoting the Gympie region's exceptional range of quality, gourmet, fresh and value-added produce and the multinational value-adding food companies, quality exporters of fresh and processed foods, boutique food companies and growers and distributors of fresh, locally grown produce who call the Gympie region home.

Gympie Gold Regional Produce

The Gympie Gold Regional Produce website will help you be inspired, taste, create, buy, stay, play, dine, learn and connect with our growers, producersretailers, processors, cafes and restaurants and find out about fantastic food related events from near and far.

Agribusiness and Food Processing Industry Capability Survey

Gympie Regional Council is working with our region’s agricultural businesses to develop opportunities which will contribute to industry growth and the creation of employment opportunities.

Feedback from industry is essential to help ensure that we are meeting their needs and delivering a high level of services.

With this in mind, a focussed survey has been developed specifically for the food and agribusiness industry to determine industry capability and development with the aim being to develop projects, workshops and event programs that will benefit the industry in the region, to drive growth and create sustainability.

Surveys and round table discussions have also been undertaken in the manufacturing, education and health industries to discuss issues and opportunities facing these industries in the Gympie region and identify future opportunities for industry growth and development.

The agribusiness survey is available as a PDF download below, and you can request a copy or more information by contacting the Economic Development Unit of Gympie Regional Council on 1300 307 800 or

Agribusiness and Food Processing Industry Capability Survey

Industry Snapshot

With a history of economic prosperity based on agriculture, it is no surprise to learn that primary production is a major economic driver of the Gympie region. What is surprising to many is the diversity of business opportunities in this sector with a focus on value adding in the production chain.  Development of agribusiness production close to the source of materials makes good business sense, with the Gympie region being less than two hours from major markets and export gateways.  Land and production costs are very competitive in the region and there is good infrastructure to support business growth. 

Dominant land uses on rural land in the Gympie region include intensive livestock, particularly beef grazing, primarily in Goomeri and Kilkivan, but also represented in other sub regions. Plantation and native forestry is predominately in the Eastern/Coastal sub region and the Mary Valley.  Dairying features strongly in the Mary Valley with the equine industry featuring strongly in this locality and also Goomeri/Kilkivan.  Fruit, vegetable and small crop production is a significant land use activity throughout the region.

A focus on organic, biodynamic and sustainably grown is emerging with the successful establishment of farmer's markets and grower's markets throughout the region. 

Key opportunities in this sector include:

  • value adding to the agricultural production chain e.g. export market growth, processing, packaging and distribution
  • specialty crops that are able to capitalise on the subtropical climate and quality soil
  • marine based industries centered on Tin Can Bay including fishing, marine supplies and other
  • seafood production
  • ancillary services to the major beef industry including distribution, support services and production
  • linkages to tourism through the development of farm based and nature tourism activities
  • focused on the nearby SEQ tourism market
  • development of rural based training.


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