Gympie Regional Council Meeting Chambers

Financial Hardship Rates Concession

In accordance with Section 120(1)(c) of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council has established a Financial Hardship Rate Concession Policy [PDF 85KB] which may help to assist those ratepayers suffering temporary and extraordinary financial hardship in finalising their rate arrears. 

The following categories only are eligible for assistance as per the Financial Hardship Rate Concession Policy:

  • Principal place of residence

Upon lodgement of an application you will be notified in writing of its receipt. Please provide all required documents on submission of the application. Your application will be assessed against Council’s Financial Hardship Rate Concession Policy and after making its decision Council will notify you in writing of its findings. 

All relevant questions should be fully completed and the application form returned to:
The Chief Executive Officer
Gympie Regional Council