Environmental nuisance

Regulated general nuisance emissions include:

Concerns and complaints

  • Discuss the matter with the neighbour responsible. Sometimes people don't realise the effect that their activities have on others, and will rectify the problem. 
  • If this approach is unsuccessful:
    • Determine the responsible authority and request assistance.
    • If council is the responsible authority, submit a customer request or contact us
      If you lodge a customer request with us about an environmental nuisance issue, you must be prepared to support us in any legal action that we take regarding the matter. This may include providing statutory declarations, evidence and acting as a witness in court.
  • In some circumstances, your desired outcome may not be achieved, even with the assistance of the responsible authority.  For other effective remedies to help resolve neighbourhood disputes, see neighbourhood dispute resolution.

Our response to an environmental nuisance

If an emission is genuinely an unlawful environmental nuisance, under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, we may issue direction notices and warning notices requiring the person to remedy the contravention. If the responsible person does not comply, we may issue an on the spot fine or commence prosecution. Minimums fines are $1,000 for individuals and $2,000 for corporations.


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