Dwelling and additions building applications

This information is designed to assist you with the preparation of the required documentation for a building application for a dwelling or addition, so it can be assessed in a timely manner.

Please note, applications missing information may experience processing delays.

Any building work must:

  • be contained within the property boundaries
  • be clear of council stormwater or sewer drains
  • be clear of any registered easements
  • not be attached to a fence dividing allotments.

It is recommended that a copy of the household drainage plan is obtained from council before any building work is commenced.

All building work must comply with relevant building regulations and codes as well as council's policies, local laws and the planning schemes, however, not all work will require a development permit.


STEP 1 - Comply with the adopted amenity and aesthetics resolution

STEP 2 - Determine if a plumbing application is required

STEP 3 - Complete the checklist

STEP 4 - Complete the IDAS forms

STEP 5 - Submit your application

STEP 6 - Approval and inspections

STEP 7 – Final inspection and Form 21 Certificate


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