From this year, the registration fee for desexed and microchipped dogs is changing

Desexed and microchipped dogs, who have previously been free to register with Gympie Regional Council, will now have a $15 annual registration fee.

The fee is being introduced to help cover the growing processing and operating costs associated with managing more than 7,000 desexed and microchipped dogs throughout the Gympie region.

Our Coordinator of Regulatory Services, Simon, who manages dog registrations and oversees our ranger programs, explains the reasons behind this change in the below video. 



Frequently asked questions


Registration of my desexed and microchipped dog has always been free. Why is Council changing this?

Over the years, the processing and operating costs associated with Council’s animal management services have increased. Council can no longer absorb these costs.


How will the funds from this new fee be used?

Registration fees contribute to a variety of dog-related services throughout the region. These include:

  • ranger services that, among other things, protect public safety by securing roaming dogs, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership
  • pound services that keep dogs safe until they can be returned home to their owners or rehomed by the RSPCA
  • the maintenance of two dog off-leash parks (with additional parks being considered).

I don’t use the services that this new fee contributes to so why should I have to pay?

Even if you don’t use the services directly, as a responsible pet owner your fees contribute to the wellbeing and management of companion animals throughout the region, which benefits the whole community.


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My dog is no longer a part of our family so I need to deregister him/her
You can update your circumstances here.  

Can I pay my registration fee online?
Yes. Click here to pay your fees online.   

I want to read more about animal management within the Gympie region
Visit our animal management webpage to find out more.