Do Not Spray Register

Council offers landholders the capacity to register on the 'Do Not Spray Register'. This register is maintained to assist landholders with undertaking alternate methods of weed and vegetation management on Council road reserves adjacent to their properties. The landholder placement of signs on their property boundaries is a critical component to this process working effectively.

  • Commitment to keep road verge free of declared plants and woody environmental weeds on the roadside verge. Control of regrowth may be required. Please refer to the list of declared plants and their classification.
  • Commitment to undertake any vegetation management activities (that would ordinarily be done by spraying) that may be required within the road frontage for road construction or maintenance purposes.
  • Signage erected on each approach to your property boundaries stating "NO SPRAYING". The signs must be erected so that:
    • they can be clearly seen by approaching drivers from at least 50 metres from each approach to your property
    • they are not obstructed from the driver's view by either vegetation or parked vehicles
  • Council can supply appropriate aluminium signs for the landholder to erect or you may supply your own signs. Set of two signs can be provided for a cost of $20.00 (previously $50.00).
  • You are required to comply with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) when undertaking any work in the road reserve area.
  • Forwarding a copy of your 'organic certification' to Council (if applicable).

If an inspection by Council Officer/s reveals the presence of declared plants within this roadside verge, Council will commence spraying the roadside verge.

Do Not Spray registration form