Asbestos disposal

Disposal of asbestos-containing material (ACM) is by prior appointment only, at our Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility in Gympie, between the hours of 8am and 3pm on weekdays.Charges apply for the disposal of ACM.

Please note: Asbestos removal is extremely hazardous and council strongly recommends that DIY renovators engage a licensed operator to carry out the removal to avoid long-term health risks to themselves or future occupants.

Procedure for disposal

  1. Council can accept minor quantities of asbestos for disposal, by prior appointment only.  Contact us at least two days before the proposed burial to book in a disposal time.
  1. Asbestos must be bagged or wrapped in plastic and taped up.  Bags and parcels must be of a small enough size/weight for your driver to remove from the vehicle themselves.  See specific requirements below.
  1. Quantities over 250 kilograms (approximately 10m2) are considered commercial and require a waste tracking certificate.  The driver is to supply council's plant operator with a regulated waste tracking docket.  These are available for purchase from Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and are mandatory for all businesses disposing of more than 250 kilograms of ACM.
  1. When arriving at the landfill, the driver must notify the gatehouse attendant that they are there for an appointment to dispose of asbestos. The gatehouse attendant will direct the driver to the disposal location.
  1. The driver is then to alert council's plant operator to their presence.  Council's plant operator will direct the driver to the disposal location.
  1. After unloading the parcels, the driver will need to move away from the area immediately, to allow council's plant operator to bury the waste without the driver being in the near vicinity.
  1. Following the disposal, an invoice will be posted to you. Under no circumstances are payments accepted on-site.

Bagged asbestos waste

  • All asbestos must be collected in heavy-duty polyethylene bags with a minimum thickness of 0.2mm and filled to no more than 50% capacity.
  • Maximum bag size 1200mm (length) x 900mm (width) must be observed.
  • The asbestos waste is to be sprayed with a sealant or wet with water prior to bagging.
  • Each bag must have affixed, to the exterior, a notice stating:

Wrapped asbestos waste

  • Solid asbestos sheet wastes must have the polyethylene sheeting wrapped and sealed around the asbestos waste in appropriate sized bundles for disposal.
  • Wrapped bundles must have a maximum size 2400mm (length) x 900mm (width).
  • Should polyethylene sheeting be used less than 0.2mm in thickness, then each bundle will be required to be double wrapped to contain the waste.
  • The asbestos waste is to be sprayed with a sealant or wet with water prior to wrapping.
  • Packages must be wrapped tightly so that they won't come apart while being pushed.
  • Each bundle must have affixed, to the exterior, a notice stating:


Conditions of disposal

  • Disposal of asbestos-containing material (ACM) is by prior appointment only.
  • Only ACM generated from within the Gympie region will be accepted for disposal.
  • Council reserves the right to refuse disposal of large quantities of ACM or certain substances containing ACM, and may require that the waste is transported to a disposal facility outside of the Gympie region.
  • Disposal of ACM is only accepted under supervision at Bonnick Road Waste Management Facility.
  • Disposals will only be accepted between the hours of 8am and 3pm. It should be noted that disposal cannot be undertaken on any weekend or public holidays.
  • Persons wishing to dispose of regulated waste (including ACM) without the prior appointment will not be granted access to the disposal site. Under the Environmental Protection (Waste Management) Regulation 2000, regulated waste must only be disposed of at a facility licensed to receive such regulated waste.
  • Evidence as to the currency of the transporter's environmental licence for the carrying of regulated wastes will be required for any loads above the threshold as provided in the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008. A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Waste Tracking Certificate, will need to be provided for any loads above the threshold, of 250kg. The load will be inspected upon arrival at the site. If the necessary licences and certificates for the transportation of regulated waste are not produced, access will be denied until such time as they are produced.
  • Asbestos must be manually or mechanically unloaded. The use of gravity to unload the vehicle or refuse container is not permitted as the plastic encasing the material is damaged through this method. Applicants/contractors who deliver asbestos in a 'skip' or tilt tray vehicle without any evident means of unloading other than gravity will be denied access to the site. No assistance is available from on-site personnel—it is your responsibility.
  • Inclement weather may affect council's ability to accept and dispose of waste. In this case, an alternative disposal date and time will be organised.
  • The disposal of regulated waste under this consent is required to be supervised by an officer authorised by council. Whilst some flexibility is possible in the disposal date and time, you should ensure that any changes to the disposal arrangements are notified to council.


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