Planning for the Future

Planning for the future means focusing on what our region is like now, while thinking about what we want for the future.

As our region grows, we need to make sure that we:

  • manage urban growth
  • strengthen our communities
  • assist economic development
  • improve the choices available for where and how we live, work and play.

Our Planning Scheme contributes significantly to these objectives. It helps to:

  • guide decision making in the public interest
  • balance private, government and community interests
  • identify hazards and reduce risks
  • protect environmental, social, cultural and heritage values for the future.

Our region is also supported by the State Government’s Wide Bay Burnett Regional Plan. This plan is currently being reviewed by the State Government with a view to completion by July 2023. For further information, please visit the departments website here.

This plan further guides land use and development in the region.

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