Building a Resilient Region

What is Building a Resilient Region? In the simplest terms it’s our commitment to the community. Council is committed to building and fostering a resilient community. Over the next few years we will be working in areas of community development and infrastructure to better strengthen our region against future disaster events.

To assist the community in differentiating between ‘businesses as usual’ and ‘restoration works’ council have launched the Building a Resilient Region branding. You may see this branding on construction signage, vehicles and community projects.

Building a Resilient Region

Our roads network

As a result of three flood events and ongoing wet weather in the Gympie region, there has been significant damage to the majority of our road network, with many roads sustaining varying levels of damage from minor to significant. The early damage estimate places the combined cost to council between $90 - $100 million over the three floods.

Since the floods, council’s main priority has been to complete our list of repairs that are classified as ‘emergent works’. Emergent works are those roads that require urgent action to address hazards that pose an immediate risk to the public or are impeding vehicle access. These works can range from cleaning roads, clearing landslips, pothole repairs, and grading just to name a few. These works must be completed 90 days from the disaster event.

Brr infographic 2Gympie Regional Council are pleased to announce we are moving into our restoration and betterment phase of recovery. Within this phase, council will engage in two areas of resilience works;

  • Betterment works is the rebuilding of roads and other infrastructure to a better standard with the aim of withstanding future significant weather events.
  • Restoration works restores the road or other infrastructure to the same standard before the damage.

Flood Damage Mapping

To view the total reported damage in the region, view our flood damage mapping, click here. The blue inverted triangles are identified damages caused by the floods, as council’s crews progress with the restoration and betterment works the triangles will turn into green ticks.

Timeline of our journey in Building a Resilient Region.

Brr infographic 1
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