Gympie Regional Council Meeting Chambers

Audit and Risk Management Committee

All councils in Queensland that are a category 3 or higher council (Gympie is a category 3) must under the Local Government Act 2009 have an Audit Committee that:

(a) monitors and reviews:-

     (i) the integrity of financial documents; and

     (ii) the internal audit function; and

     (iii) the effectiveness and objectivity of the local government’s internal auditors; and

(b) makes recommendations to the local government about any matters that the audit committee considers need action or improvement.

Council’s five person Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC) consists of two elected representatives (Councillors) and three independent members.  The Chairperson of the ARMC is one of the independent members.  

All Committee members, including the Chairperson, are appointed by the Council.  Suitably qualified members of the public are periodically invited to respond to the calling of Expressions of Interest to fill the position of independent member on the ARMC.

The ARMC operates under a Charter which is formally reviewed annually by Council resolution. In accordance with its Charter, the ARMC meets at least four times per year. Following each meeting of the Committee a report from the ARMC Chairperson, including any recommendations made by the Committee, is publicly presented at the next available Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Representatives from the Queensland Audit Office, and Council’s external auditors, regularly attend meetings of the ARMC.