Arts & Culture Forum


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Title:                Arts & Culture Forum

Time:               10.00am – 3.00pm

Date:                Saturday 26 October 2019

Venue:             Fossickers Room, Gympie Civic Centre, 32 Mellor Street, Gympie





The Gympie Region is home to a thriving arts and cultural sector immersed in creativity and innovation from music and literature to visual and performing arts.

The diverse cultural heritage and rich indigenous history of the region plays a key role in the values, self-expression and the unique identity of our community and its people. The inaugural Arts & Culture Forum was hosted on Saturday 23 February 2019 at the Gympie Civic Centre.

Working groups discussed the strategic themes from the Arts and Cultural Plan and shared their ideas and identified opportunities and possibilities for the region. Some of the key points raised from the forum were the value and importance of our rich indigenous history and embracing the culture of our First Nations people.

Communication and collaboration across the sector was central to the discussion as was recognising the generosity of volunteers and the diversity of our community. The forum also offered information sharing such as opportunities for funding through the Australia Council for the Arts at the federal level and through the Queensland Government.

Following the Arts and Culture Forum, an action planning session will help to inform Council for future planning of arts and culture activity for the region.

For more information on other funding opportunities, please contact Councils’ RADF Liaison Officer on 1300 307 800