Arts and Cultural Plan 2015-2025

Draft Arts and Cultural Plan 2014-2024

Gympie's Art and Cultural Plan 2015-2025 has now been adopted by Council. The plan guides the approach to cultural investment and activity over the next ten years for the Gympie Region.

The Arts and Cultural Plan 2015-2025 focuses on four main components – People, Place, Past and Possibility.

People is about shaping our region’s local culture through the stories, values, creativity, generosity and passion of our residents, with a focus on children and young people, access and inclusion, sustainable volunteering, development of a cultural mapping project and an Arts and Culture Reference Group.

Place considers the concept of being inspired by our natural environment and supported through accessible, active community spaces and facilities. ‘Place’ focuses on creating a multipurpose cultural hub in the heart of Gympie, developing a strategic plan for the Gympie Regional Libraries, increasing the Gympie Regional Gallery’s capacity to provide arts and cultural services and support across the Region, maximising the use of community halls, public art and spaces and placemaking.

Past is about our history informing the future and ensuring our cultural heritage is valued, shared and protected. The three main focus points of ‘past’ are the development of a Heritage Strategy to consider how to best support local heritage initiatives and groups and a focus on local history and heritage trails.

Possibility addresses the use of creativity to forge opportunities to grow, innovate, plan and achieve and focuses on cultural tourism, development of a festivals and events strategy, a digital community hub, access to grants and funding and creative business development.

Arts and Cultural Reference Panel

The Gympie Regional Council Arts and Cultural Reference Panel provides an approach for council and the community to support, celebrate and develop the creative and cultural life of the region.  The objectives of the Arts and Cultural Reference Panel are to:

  • contribute to the ongoing review of Council’s Arts and Cultural Plan 2015-2025. 
  • contribute to assessment of Council’s Community Assistance Grant - Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) category twice yearly. 
  • offer insight and strategies around arts and cultural development across the region. 
  • facilitate communication between community representatives and Council in Arts and Cultural related disciplines. 
  • take an active role in supporting cultural opportunities across the region. 

The Panel is chaired by Council’s Social Wellbeing portfolio Councillor, Dan Stewart, and comprises six community representatives with experience in areas of arts and cultural practice, and relevant Council officers. The term of appointment for the Arts and Cultural Reference Panel is two years.

Cr Dan Stewart

Community Representatives
Geoff Smith, Heritage
Lesa Bell, Theatre
Roxanne MacGregor, Arts
Kerri Eaton, Music / theatre
Janet Lee, Literature
Luke Harriman, Events

Council Officers 
Manager Arts and Culture
Community Development Officer
Manager, Libraries

Further information

For further information please contact Manager Arts and Culture at

Copies of the Arts and Cultural Plan are available at Community Services building (24 Mellor Street, Gympie) and the Gympie Regional Gallery.


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