Pre-application meetings

Why arrange a pre-application meeting?

Pre-application include all relevant council officers, and provide a forum for applicants to obtain holistic council advice about their application.

A pre-application meeting provides the opportunity for the applicant and/or the applicant's consultants to present one or more of the following submissions for initial advice:

  • A completed development application (ie. material change of use, reconfiguring a lot, operational works) prior to it being formally lodged with Council.
  • Initial feedback to a proposed development application where major proposal parameters are known and researched but some direction is required from Council prior to the formal lodgement of the application.

What issues may be addressed at pre-application meetings?

Planning, engineering, health, environmental, building and plumbing issues can be discussed at these meetings.

In some instances, advice on certain major or detailed issues may only be offered after council officers have:

  • had sufficient time to assess relevant matters
  • obtained further reports, plans, etc
  • held discussions with appropriate State government departments or council's consultants
  • referred a particular issue to a council meeting after receipt of a formal submission/application.

Pre-Application meetings will NOT be a forum for the following:

  • the questioning of a previous approval of Council unless there is an undertaking to apply for a formal application to change a development approval, request to change or cancel conditions etc.
  • the questioning of a decision of council during the applicant's appeal period
  • "without prejudice" discussions relating to a Notice of Appeal lodged with the Planning and Environment Court
  • In situations where council staff are considered to be providing advice that normally a private consultant would be commissioned to provide.

How do I arrange a pre-application meeting?

Complete a request for pre-application meeting and return it to us by emailing or at 29 Channon Street, Gympie or PO Box 155 Gympie  Qld 4570. 

Upon receipt of the completed form with a concept/proposal plan attached, arrangements will be made with the appropriate council officers, we will contact you to confirm the appointment.

Whilst five (5) days notice is requested, appointment times will be dependent upon availability of officers.

Submit as much information about the application as possible with your request. The meeting will be of greater value to you if council staff have time to review the application. It is essential for applicants and consultants to have sufficient information and plans with them at the meeting to enable an informed opinion from council's staff.


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