Planning Scheme Amendment Package 2

On the 1st November 2018 Amendment Package 2 to the Planning Scheme was submitted to the Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning for a State Interest Review. Amendment Package 2 comprises of administrative, minor and major amendments and were developed based on priority. Specifically, Amendment Package 2 incorporates the following proposed amendments to the Planning Scheme:

•         Updating various Planning Scheme map sets to incorporate new State government data (e.g. Bushfire Hazard);
•         Zoning amendments;
•         Amendments to the Infrastructure and Operational Works Code;
•         Amendments to the Reconfiguring a Lot Code;
•         Amendments to Planning Scheme Policy 1: Development Standards;
•         New operational works triggers in the Tables of Assessment;
•         The introduction of two new codes:
     -          Home-Based Business Code
     -          Advertising Devices Code
•         Introduction of section 1.7 Temporary Uses;
•         Relocation of certain sections and provisions in zone codes that are now detailed in consolidated codes (to avoid                        duplication);
•         Refinement of provisions for private open space and communal space for Dual Occupancies;
•         Amendments to car parking rates to address anomalies for particular uses;
•         General improvements focusing on improving clarity of Council’s policy intent (e.g. redrafting provisions with clearer                    language and intent);
•         Removal of sections in Planning Scheme Policy 1: Development standards and in the Local Government Infrastructure              Plan that refer to water and sewer requirements and replace them with references to the WBBROC Design and                          Construct Codes (where relevant).

Following the State Interest Review and subject to addressing any conditions imposed by the Minister (if any), Council will then commence formal public consultation with the community. Feedback received during public consultation will be reviewed and further investigated, where required, before progressing to the next steps in the amendment process.
As part of Amendment Package 2 to the Planning Scheme, the Bushfire Hazard Overlay Mapping is proposed to be updated to reflect the new State government Bushfire data that currently overrides the Planning Scheme’s adopted mapping. For more information on the proposed Bushfire Hazard Overlay Mapping Amendments, click here.