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Water and Wastewater Public Benefit Assessment


Did you know that each year Gympie Regional Council supplies around 3950 megalitres of tap water to approx. 13,200 properties and removes and treats around 2610 megalitres of waste water (sewage) from approx. 12,000 residential and commercial customers? That is a lot of water.

Providing this level of service means we have certain obligations.

We are constantly assessing how we deliver our services and coming up with ways on how to provide, clean, quality water.


What we are doing?

Because of how many customer’s council service, the Queensland Government requires the organisation to conduct a Public Benefit Assessment of its water and wastewater activities. The Public Benefit Assessment is a tool which guides council’s decision making on areas around water pricing.  

Gympie Regional Council is a water service provider. That means the cost of water for the resident is absorbed in the rates. For other council’s this is not the case. In some regions private companies are used to manage water and sewerage. Because water is a resource which is charged, it is Gympie Regional Council’s responsibility to make sure our water services are run efficiently and in a cost effective way; Just like a business in the private sector. Council had an independent assessor Conduct the Public Benefit Assessment and you can find below along with the summar review findings. Council want to make sure we are charging appropriately.


How can you help?

Council want you to provide feedback on this report. You can do that here.  

There are a number of options available to Council moving forward and your feedback will play a big part in what option is taken to Council.



  1. Continue as present
  • Management of water and wastewater services remains within Council
  • Prices will continue to be set to ensure that services are sustainable, although the pricing may not satisfy the requirements of competitive neutrality.


  1. Full Cost Pricing
  • Management of water and wastewater services remains within Council
  • Prices are set in accordance with principles of commercial cost recovery, but without paying a dividend to Council.


  1. Council Commercialised Business Unit
  • A commercialised business unit (not a separate legal entity) is created by Council to manage the business
  • Council retains control over the business unit
  • The business unit operates under its own business plan
  • Prices are set in accordance with commercial cost recovery, including provision of a dividend to Council.


















Thank you for taking the time to Have Your Say. For more information on Council’s Water Business Unit activities, search “water” in the search bar at the top of the page.