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Have your say on the Heritages Places Study Draft

The draft Heritage Places Study aims to review and consolidate existing information, as well as fill the gap in sites of historical significance across the region. This draft study has been prepared having regard to background materials that are available from current and historical Planning Schemes and other related documents, local heritage registers and inventories.

The draft study includes detailed citations for places included, in alignment with the methodology for evaluating sites of State Heritage significance. The draft study includes heritage places from a wide range of geographical locations, themes and also place types.

Once finalised, the Heritage Places Study will not have any statutory impacts under the provisions of either the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 or The Planning Act 2016. The study has been prepared as a foundation for the upcoming review of the Gympie Regional Council Planning Scheme 2013.

It is intended that the Heritage Places Study will inform provisions applying to new development and building work contained within the Planning Scheme and how they relate to places of heritage significance. These will be subject to future deliberations of Council and further community engagement and feedback. You can access the Heritage Places Study document here.

To have your say, please email or write to us at Attention: Strategic Planning, PO Box 155, Gympie Q 4570.